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January 20, 2012

The Things Some Of Our Customers Do With WiseWood’s Veneer.

2011 has been a very busy year for WiseWood Veneer. As we expand our services and our stock, we thought we would take this opportunity to share some of the highlights from the past year. Here are several examples of custom veneer products that we have been able to do for our customers and some examples of what our customers have been doing with our veneer. What better way to preview the forthcoming customer feature, gallery and testimonial pages that we will be adding soon to our website.

A few highlights of our custom veneer jobs included 12 foot long Macassar Ebony and Wenge, oversized medium figure Anigre panels, and 3 foot wide highly figured Curly Maple and heavy Birdseye Maple.

macassar ebony

One of our customers in Arizona had a call for 12 foot long quarter cut Macassar Ebony and quarter cut Wenge for a 12 foot custom dining room table. We were able to provide them with 4 sequenced custom 20 mil paperbacked Ebony sheets. The two paired sets were balanced matched and measured at 24” by 145” and 32” by 145”. The oversized 4’ x 12’ quarter cut Wenge was a matched pair also on a 20 mil paper backer. We are looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished product.

12' quartered wenge12 ' quartered macassar ebony

medium figure anigre

Speaking of large tables, recently we supplied a customer in Ohio with 5 oversized medium figured Anigre panels for a large conference table. The panels measuring at 55” x 97” were sequenced and balanced matched with premium Anigre faces laid up on 1” thick core. Each panel was balanced with a B grade Maple to further insure stability. We hope to get pictures of the finished table soon.

highly figured curly maple veneer

We also had a customer who needed 36” x 102” highly figured Curly Maple and heavily figured Birdseye Maple on white 10 mil paper. We book matched and sequenced both premium veneers for a really great looking sheet. As it happens, we ended up making too many for the customer and now we are offering these as a featured overstock item. There is more info about the Curly Maple here.

Not all our customers need custom veneer to complete their projects. Several of the more notable customer’s projects used our regularly stocked veneer, including a lightly figured Cherry, reconstituted Wenge and quartered Padauk.

figured cherry speakers

This set of speakers was built by a customer using a light figured Cherry veneer with a 3M PSA backer. It is easy to see how a good finish will accentuate even a light figure.

reconstituted quartered wenge

The sleek coffee table in this photo was built by a customer using our reconstituted Wenge veneer. Its clean and elegant design is emphasized by the consistent grain and color common in composite veneers.

quarter cut padauk veneer lights

The most creative use of our veneer goes to this customer and their designer. They used a 10 mil quarter cut Padauk to fabricate a series of circular light fixtures. The simple, contemporary design and the naturally deep color of Padauk add style and warmth to the room.

In the next few weeks we will be finishing up web pages that will showcase our customers, their projects and skills. If you would be interested in us showcasing your projects using our veneer please contact us via email at

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