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August 19, 2011

Product Feature: Premium Heavy Birdseye Maple Veneer

Awesome heavy birdseye maple veneer at WiseWood Veneer. We have 4' x 8' FlexVen™ 10 and FlexVen™ 20 premium heavy birds eye maple wood veneer at a great price. $10.49 per sq. ft. for FlexVen™ 10 (10 mil) and $10.95 per sq. ft. for FlexVen™ 20 (20 mil). This is truly outstanding premium birdseye maple veneer. It is uniform in color and it has very clean grain with consistent medium sized birdseye figure that is densely spaced and covers the whole sheet. To purchase online please go here or feel free to call us at 855.883.6337.

Heavy figure birdseye maple wood veneer, also known as flat cut hvy. birdeye maple veneer or heavy birdseye maple wood veneer is typically a creamy white to a pink tinged light yellow wood that ages to a deep pale gold color. Maple, Birdseye heavy figure FlexVen™ 20 is a 20mil 4’ x 8’ (32 sq. ft.) paper backed flexible veneer sheet. It is usually book matched with the grain running along the 8’ dimension. Heavy figure birdseye maple veneer is normally flat cut or rotary cut and can very seldom be quarter cut . Read more.

August 11, 2011

What Wisewood Veneer customers should expect.

WiseWood Veneer Company is a leading supplier of fine wood veneer and edge banding offering domestic and exotic wood veneer from the United States and around the world. Located in Sterling Heights Michigan, just north of Detroit, WiseWood Veneer offers the highest quality wood veneers to furniture makers, cabinet shops and artisans from around the country. At WiseWood Veneer Company we recognized early the opportunity that exists to improve the level of quality, customer service and attention to detail that is sometimes lacking in our industry. We also understand the need for competitively priced wood veneer products and strive to achieve the best possible balance of competitive pricing and the highest standard of quality and customer service. Our website was created with these factors in mind as a showcase for all of our wood veneer products and to provide a place where customers can compare edge banding and wood veneer prices, species, quality and availability. It is also a valuable resource for technical information as well as a stunning visual reference for wood veneer identification and characteristics.

WiseWood Veneer was founded on basic principles established over many years of observing and interacting with customers and vendors in the wood veneer industry. As much as price is one of the main factors influencing buying decisions, the cornerstone of our company and our philosophy is to act with integrity and deliver a higher level of customer service than what is customarily accepted and expected. By practicing this philosophy daily and achieving our objectives, WiseWood Veneer has been singled out as an innovator in the industry. The benefit to our customer or client is that they can always expect to be treated with a high level of respect, honesty and professionalism with a consistency that can be expected every time. WiseWood Veneer is of the belief that customers should never be taken for granted and it is our responsibility to maintain a long and mutually beneficial relationship with each one.

WiseWood Veneer strategically selects their wood veneer and edge banding to be able to fulfill the greatest majority of needs of a broad customer base. Everyone, from the home hobbyist or DIY’er to skilled craftsman, artisans and commercial cabinet and specialty shops can benefit from the wide variety of quality wood veneers offered by Wise Wood. Whether the project calls for an exotic wood veneer like Anigre, Makore, Zebrawood, Bubinga or Wenge or something more common like Birch, Cherry, Mahogany, Maple or Oak veneer, WiseWood Veneer will deliver both quality and value. With over 40 years of combined experience and knowledge and a culture that values honesty, integrity and lasting partnerships WiseWood Veneer deserves your attention.

When it matters, choose wisely.